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I looked for God and found Him looking for me.

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And he chose to forgive…

He called to memory the past.
The dark and bitter past. It came easily, never having lingered too far away in his mind. They gathered like storm clouds. Rumbling eagerly, and then as a crack of lightning and in a torrent of rain they unleashed themselves.

But unlike countless times before, he wasn’t going to unpack the memories from their neat Little boxes to dust and examine them. He wasn’t going to re-live the pain again. This time he would finally lay them to rest. He would follow each of their stringed trail and where it ended he would cut each one loose. And with that, the memory of the way back to those memories would be forever lost to his mind.

A fire had already been prepared. He gathered all the clutter that he once nurtured affectionately and bitterly at the same time, and flung them into the hungry flames. He then took a step back and watched. Smoke ascended into the sky as if to offer a sacrifice of relentless surrender to heaven.

He waited until the fire had died out completely before leaving. Midway through the first step he paused and slowly turned to face the mass of ash that remained from the fire.

“I forgive…everything…everything.” He mumbled. The last syllable uttered seemed to carry the weight of the clutter that had refused to disappear into the fire. But the wind that blew against his cheek also carried away his words, and followed the smoke to wherever it went.


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Taking inventory…

Sufficient oxygen supply – check

Food – check

Companionship (My family) – check

Clothing – check

Pen and paper – check

Roof over my head – check

And I can’t possibly forget my prime time entertainment, our cats, Pegasus and Soo.

I think that’s a good number of things to enjoy and be grateful for. My wish list can wait…

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Where are we going?

“Wait…where are we going?” She asks.

He points to a flowered path.

“Where are we going?” he asks.

She points to a mountain in the horizons.

Silence lingers.

It was only then that they both realized their eyes were the only things they had been looking at all along.

They had even forgot about the very path their feet treaded on.