A letter of encouragment

I watched you pick through the rubble

that once was a proud testament of your

best efforts.

You didn’t say much. You couldn’t.

Such occasions find most at a loss for words

and I suppose you were no exception.

But my eyes could only see

the chaos on the ground. And I couldn’t

help but wonder about your heart.

I could only begin to imagine.

And so I want you to know this,

you can’t see this yet but the grey

clouds above you are heavy with rain.

I felt a raindrop on my face and glanced

at you to see if you felt it as well.

You didn’t.

I suppose you thought it was just your tears.

That’s quite alright still.

I can’t help but smile now.

This charred ground ravaged by wildfire

will soon be drenched in rain and life

will spring up.

It won’t be too long…


Beyond the blue

The sky fell in spectacular style.

You could almost call it art.

Canvased in grey the scene was set

along with Intricate washes of blue.

A cold wind whistled in

Its tune solemn and mournful.

But the thunder clapped,

and lightning cracked so I was

convinced that this was not entirely

the tragedy I thought it was.

The sky fell in spectacular style.

It was surely art

and I’m glad to say that I suffered for my art

for now I know that beyond this

blue sky lies something far greater.


The escape plan

Tonight we run
miles and miles away.
Our feet are but flesh and bone
so we will leave them behind and take
only the invisible parts of ourselves.

Leave your tears
in the sea and set sail.
Then up into the sky
we’ll take flight.
Forget fear tonight.

Leave the weight of worry
we are no longer earthbound.
Eternity is calling us to a
grand celestial dance in the heavens.

Tonight we run
so go on take my hand.