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Image result for paterson filmPaterson, also the main character’s name follows the story of a bus driver who writes poetry. He lives a simple life with his artistic wife, Laura, who spends her time painting black and white patterns on the curtains, pillowcases, dresses and just about anything she can.

The film traces all the mundane activities of his life in Paterson, New Jersey. From picking up his watch after waking up, eating breakfast, walking to work, writing a few lines of poetry in his notebook, coming home, having dinner with his wife, walking the dog to a local bar where he chats with friends and going back home.

While that may sound like a dull narrative it is surprisingly anything but. There is no ‘grand interruption’ in the story as it begins on a monday and ends on the following monday. However you could say the culmination of the tension between Paterson and Marvin, their dog, one weekend when he comes home to find that his poetry notebook has been torn to bits by Marvin counts as one. Patersons charm is the immediate connection most people would find in the routine the main character follows, the conversations he has and overhears. It is a simple story with an elegant delivery.