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The Only Alien On The Planet by Kristen D. Randle.

Kicking off my first post in a new feature-Book Reviews– with a really special story. The cover and title made me hesitant to read it at first but once I got into it I realised that I had literally judged a book by its cover.

The Only Alien on the planet is a young adult novel by Kristen D. Randle. Your pair of eyes and ears in the story is Ginny. Ginny is the new girl in town and school dealing with the discomfort of adjusting. She finds comfort in the friendship of Caulder, a schoolmate and neighbour and the two quickly become become good friends. Everything seem to take on a steady pace until Ginny glances over  her shoulder and sees hiimg_201611306_0747m. His name is Michael but everyone calls him ‘Smitty’ and sometimes ‘The Alien.’

Smitty never speaks, he hasn’t in fifteen years. Ginny decides to befriend him, much to the surprise of a lot of people. Caulder has known him since childhood. He tells Ginny the little he knows about why Smitty is the way he is. It was a near drowning experience that happened when he was three.

Caulder and Ginny make it their mission to unravel the mystery behind their friends silence. Things quickly become messy when they push too hard and realise that they may very well be tampering with a situation way beyond their reach.




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